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Barbecue/Ducane Rotisserie Won't Stay Lit


QUESTION: I have a Ducane Stainless NG 3 burner barbecue. When I use the rotisserie it keeps going out and shutting off. All the other burners work fine. I have even held the ignition in for 2+ minutes when starting to get the infra-red burner nice and hot and it still goes out. Any idea what the problem is?

ANSWER: Hello Mr Bill, thank you for your question. If you're like me, you are just itching to use your rotisserie! I'm wondering if your grill has a regulator or not. Sometimes the pressure behind these grills is enough to light the grill burners, but not enough for the rear rotisserie burner. If it does, remove the plastic(it's usually plastic) screw to uncover a smaller screw. By turning this clockwise, you should be able to increase the flow and, hence, be able to light your rotisserie burner.
If you don't have a regulator, you will need to leak check the lines/fittings regarding the rotisserie burner. Check closely for even the smallest cracks. If you have tried both of these ideas, please let me know. I'm sure we can figure this out.  Have a super day!

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QUESTION: Thanks for the help. The bbq doesn't have a regular. I have the barbecue on right now but will check for leaks after it's cooled down. Can you explain to me the rotisserie thermocouple? Could a fault thermocouple be shutting down the gas flow?

Answer    Ok, for starters; a thermocouple is a fancy way of saying temperature sensor, and a faulty one can most certainly be causing your problem. They are not too difficult to replace. If possible, look yours over before you commit to changing it out. It's entirely possible that there may be a kink in the thermocouple, or that it has creeped away from its original spot. Try carefully bending/adjusting it back into place if this is so.
I put a link at the top here. It's not for your grill, but the idea is the same and I found the tips/tricks they do to be helpful. Let me know if you find this useful also. I am most eager to know that you are 'torturing' your neighbors with the smells of great rotisserie meats!  


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