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Barbecue/steamship round


I'm cooking a 60-70lb round on my grill I use only charcoal and Apple wood.It will be on a flat grill ,not on direct heat. My first one any suggestions. I'm a brisket and pork shoulder guy, but i love the challenge. Thanks in advance.8d

Hi Jim,
Ask your butcher to trim and remove the tougher parts and shanks. Season it and maintain a temperature of about 300 degrees. Because the hindquarter has the sirloin and leaner meats the biggest mistake is letting it get too well done. Use a meat thermometer if you have to and remember its still cooking as you rest the meat so that it wont hurt to take it out earlier. There will be meat for those who prefer it well done anyways on the sides.
The charts tend to say 70 pounds at 300 degrees takes about 8 hours but I would start checking it sooner than that there are other variables like thiickness that come into play with cooking times.
Stay clear of sugar based mops (they burn) but if you want a carmaelized type coating use it at the end of cooking time.
Lately I have just been making a dry rub on my beef and slicing it thin. Using spices like paprka, cumin, salt. pepper, even nutmeg.
I cant say it enough, unlike pork, beef isnt all that forgiving so keep an eye on that temperature and dont even cook it to medium. Take it out, drape it with foil to let it rest a good 15 minutes then get a good knife and slice thin.
I know you didnt ask but another really nice thing with this kind of cut especially in the summer is to make up a ton of flat breads. Just take raw bread dough and roll it flat into small pitas coat lightly with olive oil and grill on both sides. Have bowls of fresh sliced vegetables and toppings. Lovely beef 'tacos'.
Let me know if this helps you and if you have more questions feel free to ask.


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