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Bariatric Surgery/How soon after pregnancy can I have a Lap-Band inserted?


Beck wrote at 2013-07-04 20:03:23
Okay sensible answer but I being stuck with an immobile baby does not mean weight will drop off! When I had my baby and she was crying I comfort ate.  The sleepless nights meant I would rather go to sleep than exercise so chocolate was a quick fix for energy. Plus the fact no one is going to look after baby every night for a couple of hours while you go the gym! Also takeaway always cheer you up as you can no longer afford or have the spare time to go to cinema, go dancing or be able to go a nature walk as your buggy wheels keep getting caught in rocks and mud. Breast feeding, yes I get it but so much pressure! To be on tap constantly and working full time! If you really want to get back to basics. Then join a coven because women all have periods at the same time for a reason! So they all had babies at the same time and took turns at breast feeding to give mums a rest. To say you are not a real mum because you are not knackering yourself to the point of marriage breakdown and mental breakdown to give your baby it's personal milk supply which it is not going to remember by the way but will be affected by parents split! What is the point in losing weight when you are miserable and your weight just adds to that misery!  I am so annoyed with the amount of people saying dont even think about liposuction, you will lose weight after you have baby! Excuse me but I think I know myself and my body well enough to know that will not happen. These people are either male or masochists living on mung beans or naturally skinny and repel fat cells!  If I had liposuction I would feel proud of myself as well as my baby and be able to share a photo lens with them. My first born must think only her daddy was around when she was a baby as I was so self conscious. So these patronising peeps that are so anti keep in mind that many of us are not thinking of surgery as an alternative to getting a manicure and maybe consider there is a real reason behind it! Rant over! Bet you wish you didn't have a comment box!

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I'm very familiar with the four main types of bariatric surgery: Lap-Band/Adjustable Gastric Band, Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy, Roux-en-Y, and Duodenal Switch. I'm familiar with the Mini-Gastric Bypass and Revisions as well. I'm also beginning my seventh year post-op as a successful bariatric patient--so I can answer questions regarding pre-op, post-op honeymoon, and maintenance phases. I'm less familiar with the nuances of plastic surgery following bariatric surgery--but I do know a bit.


Have been an avid researcher of the science of obesity and bariatric surgery for over ten years now. My professional career used to involve medical device research.

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