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Bariatric Surgery/hair loss post bypass


tina wrote at 2013-05-14 19:02:11
It is hard really to determine the cause of hair loss after a GP. I had mine in 2001 and lost hair and then evened out. Was on increased vitamins and protein and doing well. Then about 2yrs ago I started having horrible stomach pains. Crunching over. Doc checked me out and it was determined that I had 3 bleeding ulcers. Caused by vitamins sitting on my stomach since I had a GP. I stopped vitamins 100%. All of them. Just ate. Well, Oct of last year I started having heart palps. Went to cadio and had EKG and Echo and fine, but my CBC came back and iron deficient along with other vitamins. My RBC was 6.7 and normal for my age is 11.3-13. I could have had heart attack or bled to death if in accident. So, on liquid vitamins now but hair started falling out again. Even have several bald spots. one on each side and some in back which back is not normal for women or men. I don't know what to do. someone said stop the iodine. I did some research and found I might be getting too much iron. I was told by internist double does since GP patients don't absorb. but think that is wrong. cuz I am so overdoing it based on what I have seen and might be on vitamin overload. my stool is actually black which is not normal I found. it should be the color of cardboard. so I am over ironing. my husband suggested only take my multi and then maybe every other day 1 iron pill. stop the iodine and see what happens. he said it seems like hair starting falling out and bald spots when I started iodine and increased iron. so I am trying tons of things now even rubbing rosemary on bald spots. I don't want to go bald.

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