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Bariatric Surgery/concerns of Gastric Bypass as opposed to the Sleeve, Vitamin retention, etc.


MsBatt wrote at 2012-12-30 21:21:09
I suggest doing further research. I am a weight-loss surgery patient who is 9+ years post-op (albeit from a different procedure than either discussed here)and I have continued to educate myself about the various procedures and new studies. I have a Sleeved stomach (as part of my Duodenal Switch), and I find it VERY easy to live with.

I also read daily on several weight-loss surgery forums, and what people report does NOT agree with this "expert's" opinions on the relative safety or long-term success rate. I see far more people with the gastric bypass reporting leaks and strictures, and there's always the long-term problem of a stretched stoma with the GB.On the other hand, the Sleeve retains the pylorus and all normal stomach function.

Anyone seriously considering any form of WLS need to research them ALL, and decide which, if any, is appropriate based on their individual needs and abilities to change their behaviours.

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