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lindaarlenecruz wrote at 2013-06-28 04:45:53
I also have had seizures after my gastric bypass Roux en Y in 2006.

First one was 1 yr after. Busted my 2 front teeth, broke my left pinky finger, split my lip requiring stitches and woke up in the E.R as well. I was going through a horrible divorce so wonder if PTSD could have triggered it instead of the Rouz en Y.

2nd one was at a home I was working in. Passed out cold. That was about 1-2 yrs later.

3rd one was outside of my apartment while walking my dogs. I scared the heck out of my neighbors.

I have insulin resistance, reactive hypoglycemia, had an anaphylactic attack almost a year ago to my favorite food (shrimp)and had to go to the E.R to deal with the facial swelling and redness.

It's been a weird ride. My sugars each time were in the 80's so they ruled out hypoglycemia. Although, sugars have been in the 20's and I didn't seize. Each time I had a seizure I had a warning.

I currently take Lyrica and Cymbalta for Fibromyalgia but they increased it after the seizures.  I am switching to Lamictal this week slowly just to see how it works for me. I really wanted to get off Lyrica because it really isn't helping the Fibro pain anymore so why not try something different.

EEG showed changes in THETA waves but I don't know what that means.

I still drive but hate that I have this history and have no idea why this is happening.

It's good to know other people are revealing this problem. My surgeon decided to retire after so I never had proper after care.

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