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Hello again!

The length of my Doux limb is 100 cm and I was operated on twice during a 15 day period. Once for the gastic bypass surgery and once for complication.
I will have surgery in a large hospital with good resources and my surgeon is one of the leading kirurgena in gastric bypass.

Is not it dangerous to live with an intestine that is 100 inches shorter than it usually is in normal cases?

Yours sincerely


Hi Susan:

Sorry it took me so long to respond.  The notice didn't come through about the question.

I'm sorry you've had to have surgery twice due to complications.  I hope you are doing much better now!

The Roux limb is usually between 75 and 100 cms--so yours is right in the normal range.  Some surgeons make it a little longer, but those tend to be for people with lower BMIs.  There should be no unusual long-term issues with a Roux limb of this length.  Like any Roux-en-Y patient, you will need to take vitamins for life, watch your protein intake, and have annual blood work to check for issues.  Your surgeon probably suggested a vitamin regime for you--typically people take B12 sublingually, calcium, vitamin D, magnesium, iron, and a multi--but it varies.   Some surgeons start people on vitamins immediately, while others wait until after the first 4-6 weeks of healing.

Good luck.  May you have quick healing and sustained weight loss with no more complications.


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