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i am 37 years old i have a thyroid problem called graves and they killed my thyroid 13 years ago and i have joined gyms, doctors diets, diet pills, liquid diets, and yes even tryed starving myself and nothing works and guess what I SMOKE... i have tryed to quit pills, patches, e-smoke, cold turkey and..... suprise suprise i am still overweight and still smoke, i wanted to go for the surgery i have 3 ladies i work with that have had it done and they keep trying to talk to me about having it but i dont know what to do about the smoking or the weight.. do you think that they would do the surgery even if i smoke seeing since i have cut back alot... i weight 270lbs and 5foot5inch my bmi is 44.9

Your bmi qualifies you for surgery.  I would start the process with your doctor as it tends to take a while.  
You need to be 6 months smoke free before they perform surgery.   Smoking increases the chance of blood clots as well as creates ulcers in the newly formed pouch which can lead to not being able to eat, pain and possible malnutrition.   
See if there are any stop smoking programs.
Try whatever you  tried before.  never quit quitting.
Good luck.  Message me anytime

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I will help anyone with general questions about roux en y gastric bypass specifically and my own personal experiences. I am specificially looking to help other Ontarians with learning about the process and qualifying for surgery through OHIP. I can answer general questions about the complications, lifestyle and requirements of roux en y surgery. I am not an expert in all forms of bariatric surgery so if you are inquiring about such things as Lapband, Duodenal Switch, I can only answer general questions about them. I had roux en y laproscopic surgery.


I had my surgery in 2006, am very active in the WLS community and run a local support group. I am a researcher as well and enjoy sharing what I learn with others.

Local WLS support Group.

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None. University Educated but not in Bariatrics!

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