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I had RNY in 2002 and have been doing fine until the last several months.  Many times, not always, after eating, I have excessive belching, which is embarrassing.  Sometimes I have nausea with it and spit up some.  The belching typically last a couple of hours.  I have logged my eating habits, etc., and cannot determine when I might belch.  Is it the food?  Or, is there something going wrong after all this time?


Hi Glenda:

I'd be surprised if it was the food if your eating habits have not changed considerably.  It could have something to do with your surgery--even if its been 10+ years.  The fact that your having nausea and a bit of reflex makes me think it could be related to your surgery.  Since you have such a great log, why not shoot your surgeon an email and get his/her opinion?  My guess is they might want you to do a barium swallow or something similar to see what's going on.  S/he also might suggest that you try something like Prilosec or Nexium for a month or so to see if that resolves the issue before ordering a diagnostic test.  

Sorry I can't be of more help.  Hope you figure this out soon. :)


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