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QUESTION: I had a Gastric Band ( The Molina Band) put on to lose weight and after having it for almost 9 years I had to have it removed due to it caused a blockage and all my food was just packing in  my esophagus and caused it to stretched out a lot. When the doctor removed the Molina band he also did Gastric Bypass but... due to my esophagus being so badly stretched he said I would really have a hard time losing weight. He said it was like I had 2 stomachs. I was so disappointed after going thru the 2nd weight loss surgery with no benefits of having the surgery. My question is: Will my esophagus ever shrink back to normal again? Are there any procedures or meds that might help me with my streteched out esophagus? And, also how many cc or mm should your new pouch be after Gastric Bypass surgery. After having the Gastric Bypass surgery I ahad a scope done and my Dr. said that my pouch was streched to: 13 cc or mm. not sure which one but did remember the number 13. Is that mean it is stretched out a lot?

ANSWER: Barbara,
You are asking some sensible questions, but it's impossible for me to give you a solid answer without seeing you, doing the scope, and seeing your X-rays over time.  I can say that I'm familiar with the Molina Band, and sometimes it caused permanent damage to the esophagus.

For your questions about the size of your gastric pouch, I need to point you back to the doc who did the scope and also to your surgeon.

Final comment - revision from a Molina Band to a gastric bypass can be very difficult and risky.  Kudos to your surgeon for getting the gastric bypass done safely and preventing continued damage to your esophagus.

I hope this is helpful,

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QUESTION: Thank you so much for getting back with me. I did not say that I had the scope done 1 year after I had The Gastric Bypass Surgery. So I do know that my pouch would have stretched some over that time period. question is... is 13 cc or mm double the size it was at the time of first getting My Gastric Bypass or what? I am not clear on that number of what size the Dr. usually makes a pouch at the time of surgery. I have heard 2 oz. but not put in terms as: cc. or mm I can not compare about how much is has stretched?

Gosh Barbara,
I also don't know what to make of the 13 number.  Surgeons typically make the pouch as small as practical and safe, using surgical landmarks but not a ruler.  I think you want to know if your pouch is larger than typical, or if you have increased food capacity from your dilated esophagus; I'm still going to have to refer you back to your surgeon or the doc who did the scope to answer that question.

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