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Bariatric Surgery/Do I qualify? And how long of a wait?


Hello....I will be 49.....I have had 3 minor (Thank goodness) strokes due to high blood pressure..........With meds and a cvr implant my bp is ok..........My London Dr. at the stroke clinic recommended Bariatric surgery as I am quite heavy 278 at 5 foot 9...I have previously tried many many MANY different weight loss programs....but through these past years I have developed a deep depression and just seem unable to get out of it.
I thought my Dr. was kidding when he recommended I am doing my own research and then forwarding it to his clinic at the SPARC clinic in London.......any help whatsoever would be appreciated!
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Under OHIP's guidelines, you qualify as your bmi is 40.  It has to be a minimum of 35 plus significant health issues or a bmi of 40 without.  

It is up to the centre however, if your medical conditions are acceptable and if you are psychologically stable and if you meet the requirements of their program.  You'll have to go through all their steps of seeing qualified personnel, working on changing your habits, meeting with a surgeon for final approval etc. Here are two websites you may find helpful:

Dawn :)

The process typically takes anywhere from 9 months to 2 years depending on if you are compliant, the changes they want you to make, and waiting times. For most it is 1-1.5 years.

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I will help anyone with general questions about roux en y gastric bypass specifically and my own personal experiences. I am specificially looking to help other Ontarians with learning about the process and qualifying for surgery through OHIP. I can answer general questions about the complications, lifestyle and requirements of roux en y surgery. I am not an expert in all forms of bariatric surgery so if you are inquiring about such things as Lapband, Duodenal Switch, I can only answer general questions about them. I had roux en y laproscopic surgery.


I had my surgery in 2006, am very active in the WLS community and run a local support group. I am a researcher as well and enjoy sharing what I learn with others.

Local WLS support Group.

Publications obesityhelp Ontario forum

None. University Educated but not in Bariatrics!

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