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I'll start off by saying I lost 120lbs on my own with lots of exercise and lots of protein. I stopped losing weight about 3 years ago when I switched my career. Now I am in a high stress position and I've GAINED weight back.

Typically I work out 2 + hours a day in addition to an active job. I try to stay between 1300-1600 calories a day. Very little carbs, lots of protein and fruits/veggies (just as I did when i lost the 120). Instead of losing weight... I've gained about 40 lbs. I can't seem to drop anymore weight. I really do not over eat. Typically I stop eating before I even feel full and as I said I'm an active person...

I contemplated getting the lap band, but as my problem really isn't with over eating I don't see how this would be beneficial to me. So I was wondering if there are some kind of vitamins or metabolism boosters I could or should be taking? This is really frustrating.. I weighed over 360lbs and I was so proud to climb down to 240... now I'm back near 300... I can't deal with this anymore! It's literally consumed my life!

Hello Jaclyn,

Obesity is a chronic disease that has many causes. Some are genetic, some environmental, some hormonal, etc.

It's wonderful that you have been able to successfully lose weight on your own but weight regain as you have experienced is really rather the normal outcome - from a medical perspective it is far more common than to not regain weight. Though I don't like the comparison between smoking and obesity - it works here: if you were a smoker and quit, but you have to live your life every day in an environment filled with second-hand smoke you are just as likely to get smoking related disease. Same goes for obesity in most cases.

It is always useful to at least take a multivitamin. When we study the nutritional aspects of obesity, we find that most people have multiple vitamin and mineral deficiencies or insufficiencies. So a good, high-quality daily vitamin is a great thing to add to your diet. There is nothing that has been shown to be both safe and effective as a natural product for the treatment of obesity. What I would recommend would be seeing an obesity specialist to help you sort out options. You can find one through the ASBP (American Society of Bariatric Physicians) or the Endocrine Society (AACE). There are many options to chose from that fall in the range between what you have done and surgery. The FDA has approved several new drug, for example, that might be good choices for you since you have successfully lost weight on your own.

I hope this helps!

In health,

Dr Jacques

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