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I have had a very long year, i am s/p lap roux/y 2005, and have lost and maintained goal weight without any complications until Dx with cholecystitis, underwent lap choley Feb 2012 with general surgeon, post op i continued to experience pain in gall bladder region, after undergoing extensive Dx with GI and general surgeon at a loss I decided to seek out second opinion from bariatric surgeon, I was unable to see my previous surgeon- he retired Feb 2012 so I stayed in my network and was evaluated and he Dx me with sphincter of Odie dysfunction and scheduled lap assisted ercp with lysis of adhesions in July 2012.  s/p this surgery i developed multi lobe pneumonia and was Dx with retroperitoneal bleed and hematoma 2 wks post op - I was Dx by my primary physician and my hematologist that I was referred to after my follow up visit to bariatric surgeon and was told to go back to work...(no bedside manor at all and neglect) but my other physicians have taken very good care of me however ; my issue now seems to be scar tissue that is continuing to cause pain... how do i find a physician willing to look at me and my chart that might be able/qualified to help and assist me.  I am a nurse and I want to go back to work however with levels of pain have been unable to return to my previous profession.  I would even be willing to sign waiver of liability at this point.  my general surgeon is willing to refer me to a tertiery care center however he does not know physicians personally.   In your professional opinion and from a patients point of view .... how should I proceed?

Hi Mary Kathryn:

You asked, " how do i find a physician willing to look at me and my chart that might be able/qualified to help and assist me?"  Honestly, the best advice I can offer you is to contact one of the surgeons affiliated with an academic medical center.  As you're in FL, have you tried Raul Rosenthal at the Cleveland Clinic in Weston?  You could also look for people at  U Miami or Shands JAX, but honestly, I don't have names.

Dr. Michel Gagner used to be affiliated with Mount Sinai Medical Center (Miami), but I believe he's returned to Montreal.  You could try contacting him, or perhaps Dr. Smith in Marietta, to see if they have any advice.  The reason I'm recommending them as that both are well-regarded DS surgeons.  You can find their contact info at

I'm sorry I can't be of more help.  I hope you find a solution.


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