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Bariatric Surgery/banana sleeve procedure


I'm just starting to research this procedure.  I have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarary Syndroms), I'm  5'2" and I weight about 270.  Assuming the procedure is approved, I wonder if anyone every runs into situations were that are vitamin deficient and have to do injections on themselves.

Also, what happens to all the extra skin after someone loses all this weight.  I would think you have to go back into surgery to remove the access skin.  Is this generally approved by insurance?

One final question.  Is there a website I can go to in order to obtain reliable information?


Hi Tammy:

The Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy can lead to vitamin deficiencies as can the Roux-en-Y and Duodenal Switch.  In a majority of cases, you handle deficiencies with oral supplements (regular OTC vitamin pills).  Because there is no disruption in your intestines, absorbing them are usually not an issue.

As to the skin, most people do need plastic surgery following bariatric surgery.  It is rarely covered by insurance.  In some instances, if one has a large apron of skin causing issues (infections, rashes, etc.), sometimes insurance will cover it--but this is rare.  One usually needs to be at a stable weight for at least one year before plastic surgery as well.  But many people never have their extra skin removed...and how much one haves will depend on genetics, age, and the amount of weight one loses.

Typically, with a sleeve gastrectomy, you can expect to lose anywhere from 50-70% of your excess weight and maintain that over 5 years.  Some lose more, some lose less.  The Roux-en-Y has similar weight loss results.  The duodenal switch has a higher excess weight loss, but one has to be more diligent with vitamins and protein consumption. is probably the most popular site for information.

Good luck,

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