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I had sleeve surgery, 2 years ago October 31st. I was a cash patient and received very little on the post surgery routine/recovery.  I lost 34 pounds and still weigh 230. I have never really implemented the exercise or water in my recovery.
After reading several stories, I understand I have to do those things. Can you stretch out your stomach to the point of not being able to start over without more surgery? I am willing to
drink/eat the protein, water and exercise now that I know, I can't lose without it. I really haven't gained any weight but
can not seem to really get on track with losing. I really want
to know if I am going to be able to start over without more surgery? Thank you!

Hello Pam,

I am writing to apologize to you, for some reason I did not see your question until now - I am not sure what happened and how I missed the notification. I will tell you though it is more related to medical and outside of my area of expertise and I hope you pursued another channel and received an answer. If not please pursue. I will suggest though that you contact your surgeon and don't accept no for an answer - your post surgical follow-up should be included as part of your initial payment.

My area of expertise is in the psychological recovery and I would suggest you seek psychological counseling as there may be some resistance to weight loss hence your lack of compliance with the full program of recovery. Sometimes patients resist due to fear associated with weight loss due to a variety of reasons.

Please don't hesitate to reach out with additional questions and again accept my apology for the long delay in responding.


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