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I had the bariatric surgery sleeve done and I wanted to know if the scar tissue on the stomach will stretch out my other question is is it normal that your stomach that your food feels like it's coming back up out of your stomach if you're sitting down after I eat three bites of solid food and sitting down I feel like I have to stand up so my stomach isn't in pain and I have the feeling to throw up and it only happens when I eat solid food

Hi Shauna,

Thanks for your question.

Typically, scar tissue anywhere is not as pliable as other surrounding tissue and that normally does not change.

I do find that the position my body is in following meals has something to do with my own comfort and digestion. However, if you are having the issues you recount as a result of sitting, you may want to ask your surgical physician if this should be the case for you.  While you are seeing your doctor, you can ask if my advice regarding your scar tissue is correct.  If you do and can please provide me with the feedback, I would appreciate it so that I can know what to tell others should I ever get the question again.

Thanks for any feedback that you can provide.


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