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Is gastric the same as baraitric surgery? I asked to be refered for gastric na had a baraitric clinic call me. I am well over 400lbs recently diabetic and have a 4 year old son who means the world to me. This surgery is the meaning of a new life

Rny gastric bypass is ONE type of bariatric surgery.  Yes.  
I suggest reading weight loss surgery for dummies to get a basic understanding of all surgery types and the demands of each.  Many of the bariatric centres consider this to be a prerequisite to the program. Good luck.

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I will help anyone with general questions about roux en y gastric bypass specifically and my own personal experiences. I am specificially looking to help other Ontarians with learning about the process and qualifying for surgery through OHIP. I can answer general questions about the complications, lifestyle and requirements of roux en y surgery. I am not an expert in all forms of bariatric surgery so if you are inquiring about such things as Lapband, Duodenal Switch, I can only answer general questions about them. I had roux en y laproscopic surgery.


I had my surgery in 2006, am very active in the WLS community and run a local support group. I am a researcher as well and enjoy sharing what I learn with others.

Local WLS support Group.

Publications obesityhelp Ontario forum

None. University Educated but not in Bariatrics!

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