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I had my oringial surgery in 2011 and I have been continously sick ever since. I have had other surgeries since including a feeding tube and TPN twice. After I was referred to another Doctor to have an ulcer removed early last year I began to get better. I have since getting better still have had alot of problems with nausea/vomiting. Honestly its become second nature to me it happens so often. This last bout of nausea/vomiting began on February 4,2014 and has not let up since and has gotten worse. Ive lost an additional 20 lbs since and I just saw my managing Doctor last week. He suggested that I go back to see my surgeon to see if I am a canidate for reversal surgery. I have an appt. set up but I really dont know much information about that. I was just trying to get some information or any suggestions or advice. Do you have any? Do you know of a good Doctor in the Michigan area that does do the reversal surgery?

Thank you

Hi Denise - I apologize for the delay.
It sounds to me like you are already on the right path if you have a consult set yo with your surgeon. There are many good programs in Michigan (depending on where you are) but you will almost always be best starting with your operating surgeon because he/she will know exactly how your procedure was done and how to best evaluate you. In my opinion, surgeries rarely need to be reversed. It may well be there you have something that is treatable - a secondary infection, internal hernia or other problem that can be fixed and allow you to realize the benefits of your operation. Frankly, reversal is much more dangerous than your original procedure and is usually strictly reserved as a last resort.

So hopefully you get in to see your surgeon and find an answer quickly.
Please let me know if I can provide any additional resources.

In Health,

Dr Jacques

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