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John wrote at 2013-06-08 23:30:04
I agree that there is too much focus on strike outs, but I disagree with the feeling that mechanics should not be worried about. A pitcher should work on proper mechanics from the time they start pitching. If they develop good habits from good mechanics at a young age it helps to minimize potential injuries. As far as to the original question, I have found through working with my own son, the front foot needs to be on a line directly towards home plate(the power line) along with a proper arm angle with hand on top of ball as he releases along with good follow through(I have him pretend to pick up his hat off ground after release). I watch him on every pitch while we practice and stop him if he does it incorrectly and we discuss what he did wrong. As his controll improved so did his enjoyment. He most recently threw a one hitter at a USSSA Tournament. And he is only 10. May not be a superstar but he loves to play ball.

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I can answer questions about all aspects of pitching. Pitching strategy. pitching grips. Pitcher specific conditioning programs. for example, How do you throw a curveball, slider, etc? What should I do for my arm after a game? How do you pitch to Albert Pujols?


I am a current professional pitcher. I have pitched for over 15 years at every level of the baseball. Little league to the Major Leagues. I enjoy passing along the knowledge I have, to those with the dream of pitching in the major leagues.

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