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HelmetHead wrote at 2011-01-19 14:50:34
In general, this is pretty good advice, but there are two "pitching myths" in here. These are pieces of advice, like "squish the bug" in hitting, that have been passed down among coaches for years, but have no basis in sport science or in what the best players do.

The first is the advice to break the thumbs downward. While this is not necessarily harmful, it's completely unnecessary and should be a non-teach. Kids can get bogged down with too many instructions, so there's no point confusing them with extra things that don't matter when they should be concentrating on the things that do.

That brings us to the second myth, which is the "balance point." The best pitchers do not come to a balance point, but get their lead (glove-side) hip/buttock moving toward the target as quickly as possible. Watch slow-mo clips of Maddux, Ryan, Randy Johnson, etc. The butt is going "downhill" even before the eg reaches the top of its kick. This helps generate momentum and gets the hips moving early to create good hip-shoulder separation.

Both of these are explored in more detail by Tom House and the National Pitching Association. I would recommend looking into their courses, books, and even certification program as it will help clarify what's good pitching science and what's myth.

robert doig wrote at 2014-07-10 19:08:46
Before you start the step/aim/throw, try: Wrist throws, then forearms throws, now go for distance using step/aim/throw. Do this at every practice.

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