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If a runner is on second and he is stealing third and the batter swings and hits the catcher's mitt, obviously the runner gets first base but does the runner who was stealing get third or does he have to go back? If a runner was on third and was trying to do a squeeze play does he get home or have to go back?



I am assuming that the batter did not make contact and put the ball in play.

If the catcher interferes with the batter, the batter is awarded first base. If, on such interference a runner is trying to score by a steal or squeeze from third base, the ball is dead and the runner on third scores and batter is awarded first base.

If the catcher interferes with the batter with no runners trying to score from third on a squeeze or steal, then the ball is dead, batter is awarded first base and runners who are forced to advance, do advance. Runners not attempting to steal or not forced to advance remain on the base they occupied at the time of the interference.

I hope this has helped.

-Martin Hoover

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