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Bases loaded, one out, there was a Sac fly hit to short left field. There was a play at the plate, the ball was thrown up the left field line about 10 feet and as the catcher went to field the throw, the runner from third ran into the catcher before it was caught. The umpire ejected the the runner but in my opinion, the runner had not time to avoid the catcher. Was this a right call? Also, is this an immediate dead ball? I think I remember the runners advancing after the collision. Thanks!


The runner may not interact with any fielder if the fielder is attempting to field a ball.  The normal penalty is obstruction and the runner should be declared out, immediate dead ball so runners have to return to the nearest base.

The umpire must have felt the runner did it with malice to order an ejection.  Either that or the league has specific rules to try and ensure player safety.

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