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When a team has enough players to play the game but still takes a pool player for substitution as they put it. Are they allowed to bat the whole game or is there a rule to where they are limited defense and offense as well?  This would be for 8 year olds.  Thanks!


The first major issue I see with this is the fact the team is requesting a pool player because they want a substitute.  Pool players should only be used if a team is having a trouble fielding nine players.

If a team is short but a 9th player arrives at the game site the team was expecting, we are not going to send the pool player home.  The only requirement is that the pool player bat at least once and play nine consecutive innings defensively (so three innings).

Pool players are also not allowed to pitch.

This is Little League Regulation V(c).

I hope this has helped.

-Martin Hoover

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