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I am trying to get a handle on substitution rules for Int 50/70 all-stars.  Am I reading this correct.  All starters after being replaced by a sub may re-enter the game after the subs mandatory minimum playing time has been met as long as it's in the same place in the batting order they came out of when first replaced by a sub?  For ex. Little Joey is batting in the 4 spot (clean-up) and is replaced by Tommy in the 3rd inning, Tommy plays 6 outs and gets 1 at-bat.  If Little Joey were to go back into the game he basically has to replace Tommy in the 4 spot or whoever is hitting in the 4 spot at the time he goes back in as long as mandatory minimum playing time is met by the player he replaces.  Is this correct?  I know in regular season we are able to re-insert a player anywhere in the lineup.  I just wanted to get clarification on this.

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Tim Lockhart


You are correct in your situation.  An easy way to remember this is that a starter and their sub should not be in the lineup at the same time (unless there was an injury, which is covered in tournament rule 10(a)).

I hope this has helped.

-Martin Hoover

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