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QUESTION: how many defensive timeouts can the coach call during each inning in 6u t-ball without penalty

ANSWER: Chip:  Thank you for your question.

According to the official District 7 Jr. T-Ball Rules:

There is no limit of players or coaches together on the playing field for a team meeting.

Two defensive coaches will be allowed on the field for the entire season.

***A maximum of 2 time outs per inning will be allowed for a team on defense.***

Often it is possible for local leagues to modify some rules.  The local league officers should be a good source to know if there is something other than the two timeouts per.

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---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks Rick for your quick response. What was your source for the answer(rule#)? Is there a penalty or does the umpire simply refuse the request?  
Thanks Chip

Chip:  I ran a google search yesterday, and came up with the District 7 rules.

This morning I ran a search "Little League T Ball Rules defensive time outs."

Today's search came up with many more options to look at.  There were some which allow 3 time outs per.  One had limits of 30 seconds each.

Did not find anything about a penalty.  I would think at that level, when they were out of time outs, the umpire would just let them know.  Shouldn't require a penalty.  When leagues start going there, it takes away from the kids experience while the adults sort out the issue.

An umpire could simply wave off, or verbally deny the request and move on.  Coaches should know the rule and police themselves.

Within T ball there is a lot of room for rule modifications at the local level and I would assume your league has created some of their own, either less or more than LL recommends.

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