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my son plays USSSA baseball and plays on a 12 and under team.  His birthday is May 25th so although he is now 13 he is still able to play on the 12's team.  the team is pretty good and a USSSA AAA team and finished 2nd in the state.  his defense is very strong and plays 2nd, short, and center.

My question.  He is going in the 8th grade and will be trying out for high school in just 14 months.  He and 2 others are the oldest on the current team.  I have been told that it would be a good decision for him to play in the 14's next year instead of 13's so that he will be playing with boys in his grade as well as get used to the bigger field, longer bases, etc.

He can continue and play on our 13 year old team and be one of the oldest or play up in 14's where he would be youngest by a month but play with other 8th graders as well as the bigger field.  If he plays in the 13s next year with his current team he would be playing with mainly 7th graders and a much smaller field than what he will have in 14 months.

What would you suggest?

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Unless your son is dead set against it, play up at least one year. If he is serious about baseball, he should always be playing with better players, he will reach his potential sooner and learn the game sooner. He won't be the big fish in the pond anymore, but competition brings out the best in ball players.
I have two sons, they have played up from the start, now, one has played varsity since 10th grade and the other since 9th grade and we live in southwest Florida, one of the most competitive baseball areas in the country.
I strongly encourage you to find a team willing to let him play, not sit the bench, and move him up asap.

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