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What is the penalty for throwing a glove at a batted ball that
You can't get to.

Chuck: Thank you for your question!

Baseball rule books sometimes read a little like legalize and this particular rule falls into that category.

For sure, the penalties for this offense are harsh; probably why I remember my little league coach putting so much emphasis on never throwing your glove at a ball, even while shagging in batting practice.

Section 3 Base Running Awards...Art 3...Each runner is awarded:

a.  four bases (home) if a fair ball goes over a fence in flight or hits a foul pole above the fence, or is prevented from going over by being touched by a spectator, or is touched by an illegal glove/mitt or detached player equipment which is thrown, tossed, kicked or held by a fielder.

b.  three bases if a batted ball (other than in item a) is touched by an illegal glove/mitt, or by detached player equipment which is thrown, tossed, kicked or held by a fielder, provided the ball when touched is on or over fair ground, or is a fair ball while on or over foul ground, or is over foul ground in a situation such that it might become a fair ball.

c. two bases if a fair batted ball had become dead because of bouncing over or passing through a fence, or lodges in a defensive players or umpires equipment or uniform, or if a live thrown ball;

1. including a pitch, is touched by an illegal glove or mitt or by detached player equipment which is thrown, tossed, kicked or held by a fielder.

There is no determination as to whether the player could get to the ball or not.  If you throw the glove, one of these 3 rulings above kick in.

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