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If an infielder is fielding a foul ball it hits the MIT but then bounces out of glove and hits the ground. Is it a fare ball or still foul. Player was not inside base line when ball was missed

Gary, the fielder's position in relation to the base line has no bearing on a fair/foul decision. The only thing that matters is the location of the ball when it is initially touched by the fielder. If the ball is over foul territory when the ball is touched and it is not caught, it's a foul ball; and if the ball is over fair territory when the ball is touched and it is not caught, it's a fair ball. In either situation, the location of the ball when it touches the ground has no relevance to the call.

To recap, it doesn't matter where the fielder is located or where the ball touches the ground after it's touched. What does matter is whether the ball is over fair or foul territory when it is initially touched.

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