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Hello, my 9 yo son throws a form of side arm, more 3/4 side arm, from watching him play the infield, it looks just like any big leaguer, a quick exchange, and a rocket release. however there are some accuracy issues.,like I tell him abad throw ruins a great play. the coaches all tell him to throw over the top. He is not trying to throw side arm, he just does naturally. he throws harder than any other kid on the team, not to mention farther. should I be trying to change his throwing , I get so many conflicting answers, one more shouldn't hurt... thank you

Thanks for your question....

From a professional coach point of view, he is way too young to be able to consistently ustilize the rare "art" of throwing side arm.

From a retired paramedic view, he is absolutely taking a major chance on damaging tendons, ligaments, & muscles that are much too inmature to be able to stand the added stress & pull on the above.  Growth plates will continue to shift until 20-22 years old therefore requiring stresses on body parts that he cannot accept at this young time.

Summarizing the above, if he played for me he would immedidately learn & adjust his throwing technique as to not damage it for down the road or he would be off my team.  It appears he has taken on a very bad habit that needs to be corrected sooner rather than later.  Also, at age nine, nothing is thrown except for three variations of the fast ball.  No curves, no change ups, no off speed, NOTHING!!!!

Again thanks for the question, I admire your desire to assist your child in developing in the game of baseball.  Good luck to you both in the future.

Coach Andy Mullins

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