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this is for our minor league ages 8-10 runner on third tries to score on a passed ball batter does not attempt to move until the coaches yell get out of the box catcher picks up the ball and turns to tag the runner and runs into the batter at the same time the runner is at the plate the ball is picked up behind the right hand side batters box the batter was just outside the box but was between the catcher and the runner was it interferance


This is a tough call without being there. In this situation, you have to look at intent, and it doesn't seem the batter purposely intended to interfere with the play. The batter is in a tough place in these situations, especially at younger ages. He needs to move for the play, but sometimes can't do so without being in the play anyway. It could be interference, but I don't see it in this situation. Again, though, I'd have to be there to see the play itself.

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