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Hi. At times when watching a game in later innings a runner will "steal" second base but not be credited with a stolen base due to fielders indifference i.e the defense doesn't make an effort to keep the runner from stealing. Why then is a batter credited with a hit when the outfielders are playing in with the winning run on third with less than 2 outs, and they make no effort to catch the fly ball over their head?  Shouldn't this also be fielders indifference and the batter credited with a sac fly and rbi rather than a hit? Thank You.


I don't have an answer other than that's the way the rulebook works.  One difference is that there are no rules where the fielders play.  So why not reward the batter if they 'hit it where they ain't?'

I myself think the fielder's indifference is ridiculous.  It you steal a base, you steal a base - doesn't matter to me if the fielders are trying to stop you or not.


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