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George  During your Dad's first years at Rutgers, I was the student manager of the team and spent many, many hours with your father.  What a great guy he was--he is remembered fondly by me and others from the teams.  Many, many funny stories of his times in the "bigs" abounded as well as lots of items while we were on the road to other universities.  After graduation and Air Force, I would see your Dad once in a while when he went back to the majors in field management--that would be when I was traveling on business and be in the same town as he--enough to say hello.  Also remember going to a big affair honoring him somewhere in South Jersey with Mel Allen as the MC.  Might even have met you as a youngster while visiting with another Rutgers baseball firend, Hal Tindall, at your home across the river from Trenton. As I sit here writing this I look at the wall above me and I find the scorecard from the Rutgers-Lafayette game of May 12, 1952 and there it is George W Case Coach   Everett Hughes Mgr.
Thanks for listening--have enjoyed re-thinking about your Dad- a great guy who had a positive impact on my life.  

Regards   Ev Hughes

Ev - thank you so  much for the kind words about my dad.  You have a very good memory - the dinner you mentioned was in Trenton and Mel Allen was the MC.  And we probably did meet that evening - there were quite a few Rutgers people there.  My dad really loved Rutgers and would never have left the school had not Mickey Vernon, his closest baseball friend, asked him to join him in Washington with the "expansion" Washington Senators.  I graduated from Rutgers in 1963 and had the good fortune to play for my dad my sophomore year.  I started going up to Rutgers with my father when I was 10 years old so there was no doubt as to where I wanted to go to college when the time came!

And, I'm not certain you were aware that the Lafayette baseball coach, Charlie Gelbert was a teammate of my father in Washington.  You might also want to take a look at our website - my dad provided the COLOR 8mm "home movies" during his playing days and later the narration.  I was able to put the DVD and the website together with the help of my grandson - who was born after his great-grandfather passed away. He is an outstanding young man who just graduated from the University of Virginia.  I supplied the baseball content and he supplied the technical expertise!

Thank you again Ev - very thoughtful of you to contact me!

George W. Case III

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