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Thank you for your timely reply.
2 questions;
1) prior to 1969, rule 1.04 said that pitching plate was to be 15" above the level of home plate. After " the year of the pitcher 1968" it was lowered to 10". Dodger stadium was rumored to be 20" prior to 1969. See Wilikapedia article under heading, " baseball field".  This was the solution to pitcher domination. This must have been the source of many discussions at the time.  What can you add?

2). Is there an Office of Compliance under MLB Commissioner Selig, that I can contact?  
   I have never seen anything, except that one Wilikapedia article on this, or how MLB verifies this height.
Do you mind if I post your reply on a MLB FORUM site?


1) I have always been on the pitchers' side in theses discussions. I think taking the height of the mound down by a full one-third of its height was overkill. I also think that the modern tendency to take the inside part of the plate away from pitchers with immediate and sometimes unwarranted warnings on purpose pitches is also detrimental for pitchers. Baseball is a beautiful game that's not defined strictly by offense. 1968 was an anomalous year. Baseball's reaction to it was a panic move.

2) Sure I don't mind your posting my reply . . . Or this one either. I should have mentioned in the first response that the umpires don't usually react to field conditions such as mound height without a complaint from visiting team.

Just noticed that I overlooked your question about the commissioner's office. Don't know about the answer to that one, Peter. Just contact the Commissioner's Office and ask. That's what I'd do.

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