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I just wanted to know your opinion on Babe. Hank Aaron had more then 2,500 more at-bats than Babe Ruth. Do you think if Babe Ruth got those at-bats, he would go down no question as the best baseball player to ever play the game, or slugger.


 In my opinion, Babe Ruth was a far better hitter than Aaron, and a more fearsome slugger. He lost playing time as a hitter at the beginning of his career for four years (1914-17) when he was primarily a pitcher, and he had only limited playing time as a starting outfielder in 1918. So you are right, he would almost certainly have surpassed Aaron if he had those ABs. But in my opinion, the greatest hitter the game has ever seen is Ted Williams, who lost a full five seasons when he was in the military and still put up ridiculous lifetime numbers.

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