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tfitz wrote at 2007-05-05 16:19:17
Hi- I've been trying to research this subject. I attended a Dodger game in Los Angeles in '74 or '75. Manny Mota was bought in in the 9th with men in scoring position and within 2 runs of the lead. Manny fouled off a total of 17 pitches before he hit a 2 run single to win the game. Very,very long at bat and one of the most exciting. We were told at the time that this was a record but I am not sure exactly what that entails. He did of course, hit safely. I hope someone is still interested in this subject!

David wrote at 2007-09-29 01:31:54
As a youngster I watched Eddie Yost of the Washington Senators foul off numerous pitches in a single at-bat.  This was a big part of his technique for obtaining a base on balls.  I didn't keep count of how many he fouled off, but there were numerous instances when I saw him at Griffith Stadium where the number exceeded the 24 reported as baseball's historic maximum.  He may have fouled off twice that number in a single at-bat.

paul wrote at 2008-05-15 21:07:08
I was watching the Astros game when Pete Rose had 2,999 hits and was going for 3000. Nolan Ryan was pitching and I remember the announcer commenting on a ruke that if the hitter goes 99 fouls he is out. Pete Rose hit 33 foul balls off Ryan before striking out all 4 at bats against Ryan.

tom lillis wrote at 2011-10-28 03:19:26
I was at a brooklyn dodger game back in the fifty's with my father and believe that I sew a junior gilliam hit 19 up foul balls at bat

B Hannon wrote at 2014-06-20 16:27:30
Tfitz, I was at that game also (10 or ll yrs old), and I couldn't believe how many foul balls he hit, but figured it was AT LEAST 15.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I thought he drew a "walk" to force in the game-winning run.  It was an eye-opener at that age, as "hits" were the only way to "win" a game until I saw it happen that day.  Again, I could be wrong and it may have been a hit.  It was the first game I attended, and my Dad yanked me out of school that day as I recall (Bonus!).

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