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sup wrote at 2015-06-11 16:48:30
Let's take X = 1.44444... ->(eq 1)

Then 10X = 14.44444      (eq 2)

Subtracting equation 1 from 2 we get

9X = 13

X = 13/9

therefore 1.4444... = 13/9

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I can help with any basic math problem you have including ones from algebra. I can give you tips on how to do math quickly in your head.


I found that I am very good in the mathematics of Algebra and below. The biggest problem I solved in my head was two 5-digit numbers multiplied by eachother. It took me slightly under 30 minutes. I can do 3 digit numbers in about 1 minute though. Other than that, I am very good at math using paper and calculators too.

I am taking calculus now, but I won't be answering questions of that level.

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