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Basic Math/can you help me with Angles?


Confusing to me.
Confusing to me.  
Hello Mr. Zalewski,

I don't know if you can help me with this, if you can I would be most grateful. And if not do you know of any other expert who can help me?

This is what my book says:

An angle is formed by two rays that share a common endpoint.
This common endpoint is called the Vertex.

This angle can be named /_ XYZ or /_ ZYX

NOTICE: When naming the angle,the letter at the vertex will always be the center letter.
This angle can also be named /_Y,the letter at the vertex.

Do you remember the four kind of angles?

1. Right angle
2. Acute Angle
3. Obtuse Angle
4. Straight angle.

this last part confuses me.. if you can see it on the bottom of my picture. It has 4 different angles, my instructions say.

Classify each of these angles by writing g acute,right,obtuse, or straight on the first blank. On the second blank, name the angle by three letters, reading from left to right. iOn the third blank write the name of the angle by its vertex.

Write when you can.

~ Ashleigh the confused ~

Hello, Ashleigh.

Your book is sideways but I think I get the picture!

For the last part, you did classify each of the angles correctly. Naming the angles, both by three letters, and by the vertex, is simple enough. Remember that the vertex must always be the middle letter when using three letters to name an angle. So, for the acute angle, going from left to right, we would call this Angle EFG, or by the vertex only, Angle F.

Try to do the remaining three angles by yourself. If you need help, you can also refer back to the question in the middle of the page about Angle JKL. You answered that correctly.

I hope this helps.


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