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If I have an equation, let's say x= 9, to find x u just plug in a value where the x is to make the statement true. Do you use this same concept when we are finding what  x really is, for instance a more complicated equation such as 25x+ 2=52 . when u solve the equation and get x=2, when u get this simpler equation do u plug in the 2 to the simplier one because that is what the value is? Also does the equal sign mean 'is', like does it mean a number x is 2. Thank you so much if you could answer this. I love math but this simple detail is messing me up and I just wish someone could clear this up because my teacher sure can' t lol.

Yes, that is one way of looking at it. Although I don't suggest using that method since you will get to a point where there are just too many numbers to guess. What you should do instead is to simplify the equation. So let's take your example again of 25x+2=52

Since it's an equation, we want to isolate the variable, meaning to make it so that the variable is equal to a number. So in this case, we want the 2 from the 25x+2 side gone. We can subtract 2 from both sides to arrive at 25x=50. Now, we can divide 25x by 25 to get one lone x, which is equal to 50/2=25.

So let's try another example. 27-8x=3

We can isolate the x by subtracting 27 from both sides, giving you -8x=-24
We can then divide (don't forget that you have to use PEMDAS in the opposite direction when simplifying) by -8, giving us x=3

And yes, "is" is the same thing as "=."

Sorry for the late response. I haven't been receiving updates from allexperts. I hope this answer finds you in time.

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