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The original cost for a car is $15,000. The markup is 5%. How much will the dealer recieve when he sells the car.

They way the question is asked, I'm not sure which answer you're looking for.  It the original cost to the buyer or to the dealer?  If the dealer buys the car for 15K and marks it up 5%, then it's as simple as 15000 x .05 = 750.  The dealer will sell the car for %15,750 and will make $750.  If the dealer is selling the car for 15K and has already marked it up 5%, then you want to know,
x +.05X = 15,000
1.05x = 15000
x = 15000/1.05 = 14286, so the dealers markup would be 15000-14286=$714.

I'm guess though, you probably want the first solution.

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