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How to divide .5625 by 25 .My answer is coming as .225 but the calculator is showing .0225 .
Please explain with detail.

Hello, Dhananjay.

I'm sorry for the delay in responding.

To divide .5625 by 25 you first have to ask what 25 into 5 is. That answer is 0, so you put a 0 in that place above as part of the answer. The decimal point goes with it, so you begin with .0.

Multiply that 0 by 25, which gives you 0; subtract that from 5, which gives you 5; drop down the 6, which gives you 56. Now you divide 25 into 56, which gives you 2. Multiply that 2 by 25 and you get 50; subtract 50 from 56 and you get 6. Drop down the 2 and you get 62. Divide 25 into 62 and you get 2. Multiply 2 by 25 and you get 50; subtract 50 from 62 and you get 12. Drop down the 5 and you get 125. Finally, divide 25 into 125 and get 5, leaving you with a final answer of .0225.

The only mistake you made was not first dividing 25 into the 5.

I hope this helps.


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