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I have some difficulties in helping my daughter to solve her homework
Please if you could help me with the following questions:
1) a shade of pink is made by mixing red and white paint in the ratio 7:2. How much of each colour is need to make 45 liters of pink?
2) how can i simplify the following ratio 3:50p?
Your help is very much appreciated

1.  Not sure if you need to do it a certain way, but the way I did it was,
7L + 2L = 45
9L = 45
L = 5, therefore, you need 5 time the ratio of both red and white paint, so 35 liters of red and 10 liters of white.  35:10 = 7:2

I'm not sure what you're asking in the second question.  Is the "P" a variable or a european unit of measure?  3:50 is in it's simplest form.

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