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Basic Math/Century Year Numerical Digit - Y10K Problem similar to Y2K ?.


Dear Prof Pawan‎‎

1 Century = 100 years.
100 Centuries = 100 * 100 years = 10 raised to power of 4 = 10000 years.

20th century = 1901 to 2000
21st century = 2001 to 2100 -> Currently we are in this century.
22nd century = 2101 to 2200
23rd century = 2201 to 2300

98th century = 9701 to 9800
99th century = 9801 to 9900
100th century = 9901 to 10000
101st century = 10001 to 10100

Year becomes a 5 digit number.

1. One century = 100 years. Mathematically 100 centuries = 10000 years,
Is there be any other term for 100 centuries similar to 100 years
termed as a century ?.

2. Does last year of 100th century and 101st century 100 years becomes a 5 digit numeric year figure as shown above ?.

3. Can there be any other term used instead of
"We are in 100th century" ?. in 100th century as we say currently "We are in 21st century" and currently the year is 2013 ?.

4. Similar to Y2K Problem , when the clock will strike Jan 1, 10000 (last year of 10000), Can there be problems (bugs,defects, errors) in Banking and Financial applications where four digit year format is used ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar


I have already answered your questions previously. However I now see fourth question added here. I will answer all questions again here:

Here are my thoughts on your questions:

1. I am not aware of any term for 100 centuries.
    decade = 10 years
    century = 100 years
    millennium = 1,000 years
You will get more information about this on the following link:

2. You are right

3. As there is no specific unit for 100 centuries, '100th century' will be the right term.

4. Theoretically speaking, yes, we will face Y10K problem. However it is about 8000 years away and we do not know what will be the developments in software at that time. It is likely that this problem will be taken care before it occurs. Here is one interesting link about this:

I hope that this helps.
Please let me know if you need additional information.
All the best!


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