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Dear Lynn Houston,

I'm in my late 30's and I live in New York City. I have a secret shame of being unable to make change without the register.

I've had a lot of retail jobs. Sometimes a customer will decide to give me some loose change after they've given me a $10.00. It's a little embarrassing after that. Sometimes customers are not kind. I can count money. I can add, subtract, multiply and divide pretty good on paper. I just struggle really hard with making change in my head. I'm significantly slow in math.

Do you know of any related resources for adults on the Internet? I've found some instructional videos on YouTube, but I'm still searching.  

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule.



The best way I would suggest is the practice. Make a practice of doing calculations in your head every day. Write down few examples on paper with their answers and then try to do the same ones in your head and check if you get correct answers. You may get lot of instructional videos on the internet, but believe me, the best way to master this is practice. More you practice, more confidence will you get in doing these calculations.


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