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Adam spends 20% of her monthly salary on his son's education.When he will get his increment of $170 nest month he plans to spend half of that also for his son,s education.The total she would spend then,would be $645.What is his present salary?
Please answer this question. I am not able to get the right meaning of the question.
Thanking You in advance.

Hi, Ankit.

We can set up an equation to solve this problem, having x represent Adam's monthly salary.

.2x + (1/2)(170) = 645


.2x + 85 = 645

Subtract 85 from both sides.

.2x = 560

Divide both sides by .2.

x = $2800

Answer: x = $2800.

I hope this helps. If you have any further questions about this, please ask.


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