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A man's rent for one month was twice his food bill for the month. His food bill was 3 times his electric bill. Altogether his rent, food and electric were $200. How much was his rent?

I know you answer this now how you got the 1/2x and the 1/6x can you explain please thank you

Hello, Alberto.

I believe I may have answered this question quite some time ago, but I can explain the details.

If a man's rent is, say, $400, then his food bill, based on the above information, would be $200. (The man's rent is twice as much as his food bill, and $400 = $200 x 2.) Saying that $400 is twice $200 is the same as saying that $200 is 1/2 of $400. (Dividing by 2 is the same as multiplying by 1/2.)

If, therefore, we call the man's rent x, then his food bill would be half that amount, or 1/2x. And because the electric bill is 3 times smaller than the food bill, or 1/3 the amount, this can be represented as (1/3)(1/2x), or 1/6x.

I hope this helps. If you need any further help, please ask.


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