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Hi John,

What percentage is 1 man in 20 men?  How many men in 1 hundred men would 1 man in 20 men be?


Hello, Angel.

To convert a fraction into a percentage, first divide the denominator of the fraction into the numerator. In this case, you'd divide 20 into 1. 20 divided into 1 equals .05. Next, to convert this decimal into a percentage, simply move the decimal point two places to the right. So, .05 becomes 5%.

Answer: 5%.

Since percent means "out of 100" then we know that this means that 5% means "5 out of 100." However, if you didn't know what percent means, you can answer this by asking how many times greater than 20 100 is. 100 is 5 times greater than 100 (20 x 5 = 100), and so, if 1 out of 20 persons makes for 5%, then 5 out of 100 persons would also equal 5%.

Answer: 5 men.

You can check this by seeing if the fractions 5/100 and 1/20 are equal. 5/100 does simplify to 1/20, and so this checks out.

I hope this helps.


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