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Surface area of a cube is equal to 294 sq. m. Find the volume of the cube.

Hello, Khushi.

The surface area of a cube is equal to 6a^2, where a is the length of one side. Therefore, we know, for this example, that 6a^2 = 294 square meters.

To find a, first divide both sides by 6. This gives you a^2 = 49 square meters.

Next, take the square root of both sides, leaving you with a = 7. (Also, -7, but length cannot be negative, so this number is rejected.)

Now that we know that the length of one side is 7 meters, we can calculate the volume.

Volume of a cube equals length x width x height, so 7 x 7 x 7 = 343 cubic meters.

Answer: 343 cubic meters.

Hope this helps.


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