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This is just a question and has no basis in reality. This question may sound weird, but I hope you won't laugh at it.

For example, in a family a person dies. There are four people who are controversial about the age when he died. I mean to say that there is a difference of opinion that what was his age when he died.

1) His oldest son says that he died at the age of 70.

2) His brother says that he died at the age of 73. (This is the correct one)

3) His cousin says that he died at the age of 75.

4) His sister says that all of them are right because she has "rounded off" all of their statements.

My question is: According to the principles of mathematics, is there any contradictions left in these statements after rounding off? One person can not die in all of these years, obviously.


Hello, Den.

There isn't a contradiction, per se, but the sister's rounding ability is not accurate. If the sister rounded off all of the statements, then the oldest son must've said that the person died anywhere from 70-74 years of age. However, the sister couldn't have rounded off some number and come up with 73, nor could she have rounded off and come up with 75. 70-74 years of age would have rounded down to 70; 75-79 would've rounded up to 80.

I hope this helps.


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