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QUESTION: This is just a question and has no basis in reality. This question may sound weird, but I hope you won't laugh at it.

For example, in a family a person dies. There are groups which are controversial about the age when he died. I mean to say that there is a difference of opinion that what was his age when he died.

Old son, young son, nephew, and cousin which say that their great grandfather died at the age of 70. (They say that they are authentic).

Another group which consists of Old brother, young brother, and uncle which say that he died at the age of 73. (They say that they are also authentic, but this group is the correct one.)

One more group in the family which consists of aunt, mother, wives, and daughters says that he died at the age of 75. (They also claim that their sayings are authentic).

It is very important to note that all these people claim to be authentic.

NOW the sister comes up and says that she has rounded off all of these ages and came to conclusion that their great grandfather died at the age of 73.

My main question is that since all of them claim to be authentic, is there a contradiction in these reports according to mathematics or not? Is the sister right when she rounded off all these reports.


ANSWER: No.  There is a finite age when someone dies and that doesn't change just because some ppl have differing opinions of what that age might be. They just got lucky that their "recollections" averaged to 72.66, which, if rounded, would be 73. If you would like to prove to the incorrect groups the real age, you can check the social security death rolls (if the person who died lived in the US).

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QUESTION: Thanks for your answer. So, do you mean that the sister is 100% accurate when she "rounded off" those ages?

I'm saying, it's a total coincidence that the ages the different groups thought the man died at happened to average the actual age.  However, strictly from a math standpoint, the average of their ages equaled 72.66 and strictly from a math standpoint, you would round that to 73 if you were looking for a whole number.  HOWEVER, since you're talking age, how often do you hear about someone who died a month before they're birthday and ppl say he died at the higher age?  The age someone dies at, is the age someone dies at.  Ppl don't round it up if it's close to the next birthday.

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