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Hi Lynn, its nice to meet you. Its been a while since I was in high school. (We won't say how long - it makes me feel old :-))
Anyway I am getting ready to move and I just want to be sure I'm doing my math right. We will be using a uhaul. It gets 10 mpg and has a 40 gal tank.

Assuming it takes 1600 miles to get to Maine, I think I take the 1600 and divide by 40(gal tank) and that answer is 40. So that means I will have to fill up 40 times? Am I right?

Next I simply multiply the cost of gas per gal times the number of fill ups? Is that right? That comes to 120 and I thought it would take more gas than that. Did I do something wrong?

Math wasn't my best subject.

Nope, you're a little off.  You forgot that the uhaul is getting 10 miles per gallon, so each tank will actually take you approx 400 miles.  You'll only need to fill up 4 times (if the tank is topped off when you start and you get exactly 10 miles per gallon).  However, each fill up is 40 gallons (although it won't be because you won't be completely empty each time you fill up).  So, to go 1600 miles, it's going to take 160 gallons of gas. If you average $3/gallon, it will cost you $480 in gas.  

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